Editorial: towards tolerance

A few weeks ago I did something I’d never done before; I visited a Jewish Synagogue.

Our profile story this edition is Rabbi Dovid Freilich, who is leaving the Rabbinate after 45 years of service. During our interview, he specifically asked me not to use the term ‘retire’ as he has plenty of life left in him to get involved in a host of other interests.

Our Moderator, Rev Steve Francis, actually alerted me to the story, as he had heard the Rabbi speak the night before on ‘tolerance versus respect’ and thought it was a story worth sharing. I have to agree.

Meeting with Rabbi Freilich was so much fun. He joked consistently throughout the interview and has one of the most jolly laughs I think I’ve ever heard. His message about tolerance is also on point. Read the story here.

We need to be pushing ourselves further to get to know our neighbours. It’s a responsibility of the church to model that people of all faiths can get along. Often, assumptions in the general public are made about people from differing religions always being in conflict, and while there is some truth to this, in my experience there are also many people breaking that stereotype.

I believe we should be celebrating those people.

Fittingly, International Peace Day is coming up, on Thursday 21 September. To mark the day, Rev Dr Chris Walker has shared with us his reflections on peace. He has also written a book on this topic, Peace like a Diamond: Facets of peace, and reminds us that peace is not just the absence of conflict, but is much more than that.

Chris said that peace is “having positive life enhancing relationships with God and others.” He explains that the Hebrew word for peace, ‘shalom’, is much richer in meaning than our translation gives it credit.

And finally, our feature this edition is on ethical fashion. I particularly love how Laura Cassi shows us that dressing ethically doesn’t mean you have to be daggy. With knowledge, we can be fashion forward while limiting the amount of exploitation of workers that goes into our look. Find out more on page 9.

As always, we love to hear from our readers, so don’t forget to send us in your thoughts. Send your letters to revive@wa.uca.org.au or PO Box M952 Perth 6843.

Heather Dowling

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