What ‘Makes you Wonder?’

The new Makes You Wonder app puts a program developed by Rev Dr Ian Robinson, while on beach mission, into the hands of people in their busy lives.

Ian said the materials were originally designed for “people being people and talking to each other about what was on their hearts. And if you open your heart to somebody, they meet the Jesus who lives there.

“Makes You Wonder is a resource which helps people connect with their communities and their world. The overall theme is to help people find their voice, with their own faith, in their own world.  It doesn’t ask people to run more programs, but put this kind of authenticity into the people you already are,” said Ian.

Initially developed as printed materials, the app puts the materials in the hands of an international audience. Among the many materials and resources available on the app there is a leadership curriculum that is broken up into four exercises; My Story, which examines the personal aspects of being a Christian; Your Story, with exercises designed to help a friend to see God in the everyday and encourage faith sharing; Our Story, which examines the church, and finally The Story, that looks at who is Jesus and how to engage in the tough questions.

There are also resources and other free downloads that are all now in the palm of your hand.

Ultimately says Ian, the app, “helps people to find their own voice for their own faith in their own situation.”

The app is now available to download from App Store or Google Play.

Rev Dr Ian Robinson will be in Perth to lead two Makes You Wonder workshops, on Friday 18–Saturday 19 August and Friday 25 August.

For more information visit www.makesyouwonder.org.

This article originally appeared in Insights, the publication of the Uniting Church New South Wales/ACT.

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