Celebrating 40 years

Uniting Church groups around the country have celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia. Enjoy this gallery of pics from celebrations at Floreat, Trinity North and Rockingham and Rowethorpe Uniting Churches, as well as Good Samaritan Industries (GSI).

Floreat Uniting Church celebrated with birthday cake after worship. The candles were lit and blown out by Beryl Grant, Floreat’s oldest member to have been present at the 1977 Union.

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Trinity North held combined worship followed with a celebratory morning tea, including birthday cake.

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Rockingham Uniting Church held a celebratory meal with former ministers as special guests.

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Rowethorpe Uniting Church held a celebratory worship service. Members of the congregation invited family and friends.

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Good Samaritan Industries combined their celebration with their Length of Service Awards. Mandy Jones, pictured centre, received her 40th anniversary badge for working with GSI.

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