Dongara looks to the future

In a process to create a safer, more comfortable and welcoming church, Dongara Uniting Church have replaced their old, ‘traditional’ style pews for new chairs.

In a transition that’s taken over  three years to complete due to the church being heritage listed, the congregation have agreed to retain four pews for historical purposes. The rest have been sold to individuals; some for use in homes and gardens, some will be repurposed into other items.

The congregation has recently been in touch with the family of the person who built the pews and are working on creating a documented history. It is thought they may have been built using  Oregon timber which was originally cargo on a shipwreck off the coast of Dongara.

Wendy Small, from Dongara Uniting Church, said that the congregation were all for making the change.

“The pews have got old and they’ve got to a stage where they’re just not safe,” she said. “Everyone was happy with the suggestion and embraced it, there were no objections. I think everyone is looking forward to them.”

The new chairs are practical and easier to manage.

“They’re an upholstered comfortable chair, we’re getting some with arms for older people to get in and out. They’re quite a solid looking chair. They come with a rack for putting books and things in.”

Ordering the new chairs has been made possible by donations from members of the congregation.

Top image: Jill Clements and Murray Small unloading the brand new chairs at Dongara Uniting Church.

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