From the Archives: KUCA

In 1978, the year after union of the Uniting Church in Australia, the South Australian synod started planning a children’s rally, KUCA (Kids of the Uniting Church in Australia). Their first rally was held in 1979, the International Year of the Child.

In 1984, the Uniting Church WA launched a KUCA rally of its own, and by 1985 there were 52 Sunday Schools and other children’s groups affiliated with it, with around 500 children involved. The first overnight camp took place in Parkerville in October 1985, giving rural groups the opportunity to stay overnight.

A newsletter, YAK (You and KUCA), was produced by the Uniting Church SA, in conjunction with other synods, filled with puzzles, activities, poems and stories. For many years, the organisers of  KUCA produced a t-shirt transfer, which was widely recognised and worn by many people around the Uniting Church WA. The KUCA costume, a kookaburra body suit, was also a hit for many campers.

KUCA camp is now known as KCO (Kids’ Camp Out) and still attracts congregation groups from all over the Uniting Church WA. It has evolved a lot over the years, now incorporating junior  leaders and a synod wide event on the Saturday evening. Turn to page 13 for pictures from the most recent KCO, held in March. This year, KCO held a birthday party for the Uniting Church’s 40th Anniversary.

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