Cool Burn Camp back in May

Cool Burn is an intercultural family camp for people living in Western Australia (WA) and is organised by the Uniting Church WA’s Multicultural Ministry. For two days and one night, people from culturally diverse backgrounds get together to share their faith and inspire each other.

Rev Dr Emanuel Audisho, the Uniting Church WA’s Multicultural ministry co-ordinator welcomes all to join the camp.

“The success of last year’s camp has been positive,” he said. “It can be a  life-changing experience for some and camp goers learn so much about leadership, their unique experiences and make lasting connections.

“Cool Burn camp is a great place to meet new friends with different cultures and backgrounds. You can learn so much, share experiences with each other and find ways to know God through intercultural relationships with each other,” said Jan Alvin, from the GKI Perth Uniting Church (Indonesian).

Lock in the dates
Cool Burn begins at 11.30am on Saturday, 27 May 2017
Ends at 12.00noon, Sunday 28 May

$30 per person

Alfred Hines Seaside Camp, an hour-drive from Perth. Known for its relaxing surroundings, the camp includes stunning water views, its own private beach and is walking distance to three other beaches.

Registration and further information
To register, contact Alice Boomer on 9260 9800 or email For more information, contact Emanuel on 9620 9800 or drop him an email at

Elsa Samuel

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