Messages from the aether: International Women’s Day

Chat 10 Looks 3

Made by news woman, Leigh Sales and the ABC’s erudite head political writer, Annabel Crabb, Chat 10 Looks 3 (a play on a song from musical The Chorus Line) is a podcast about literature, politics and food, so very much food. This is a conversational podcast that touches on current affairs and the lives of these two endlessly fascinating women. I recommend Bury a Liver Under the Roots for a listen as Leigh and Annabel discuss the US Election and Leigh’s successes in the sweet pea growing department. If this podcast doesn’t make you a bit smarter, you’re a cleverer cookie than me.


Blog of the Australian Women’s History Network, VIDA is a blog about women, history, activism and a whole suite of  other important issues. With contributors from all over Australia and featuring excellent stories and reviews about women and women’s issues, there’s a lot to love with this corner of the internet. Have a look at Day in the working life of a historian: Rebecca Lush, it is exactly as the title says, a chronicle of Rebecca Lush’s working day in her capacity of heritage interpreter on Cockatoo Island and curator at the Harry Daly Museum; it’s a fascinating read and engagingly written. A great blog for getting your head around women in history.

The History Chicks

This podcast is a sassy introduction to fascinating women throughout history. Beckett Graham and Susan  Vollenweider, two women who love history and love talking about women in history. This is a great podcast for learning about the great women in history in a fun and easy way. The podcast is well researched and has a relaxed tone. I like Katherine of Aragon, the details of the story are fascinating and sometimes surprising.

Elaenor Nield

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