Messages from the aether: on a mission

UnitingWorld Blogs
The blog posts you’ll find at UnitingWorld Blogs are many and varied and absolutely worth reading. As an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, UnitingWorld facilitates relief, development  and church connections with communities both near and far. I particularly recommend reading ‘Passing the Peace in South Sudan’ a recent post from Megan Calcaterra about how we understand  peace as Christians and how we often take it for granted. This blog is a great way to engage with the work of UnitingWorld on a people level in the words of those serving on the ground and representing the Uniting Church.

OMF Stories
OMF International is a non-denominational Christian mission organisation. Being missional in the traditional sense of the word, OMF aims to share the good news of the Gospel, particularly in the East Asia region. OMF Stories is a blog collection from missionaries all over East Asia, many of the posts are short, quirky and handy for a big read over your morning coffee and others are thought-provoking and deeply considered.

Backyard Missionary
This blog is a bit different from the others listed here. It’s an everyday kind of look at what doing mission is in the local context. Backyard Missionary is the personal blog of WA Baptist pastor,  Andrew Hamilton. It covers many subjects and is full of short reads and a couple of longer, more theological posts as well. Rather than talking about specific mission stories, this blog encourages  us to have a missionary attitude in our day-to-day lives. It’s great for developing perspective on how to engage in mission in our own communities.

Elaenor Nield

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