Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many: Theology provoked by the Basis of Union, by Geoff Thompson

disturbing-much-disturbing-manyThis book contains a collection of recent articles by Rev Dr Geoff Thompson, related in one way or another to the Basis of Union (the foundation document of the Uniting Church in Australia). Dr Thompson teaches at the University of Divinity in Melbourne, and is well-placed to lead us into the bumpy and tempestuous ride of provocation and disturbance.

This book, I am confident, will foster such qualities in the theological imagination and ecclesial commitment of anyone who reads it. Geoff Thompson has grappled with a wide range of topics, and has sought to show how the intention of the authors of the Basis of Union has been worked out in the ongoing discussion amongst Uniting Church people (and the wider church).

If you read this book, or selected chapters from it, you may feel disturbed much. For myself, as should be clear, I have been disturbed a little, and would like to be disturbed more. Or, at least,  would like to see many others sharing more fully in the process of being disturbed by the expression of ‘fresh words and deeds’ as we make our journey as the pilgrim people.

John Squires

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