Investment in a sustainable future

In an effort to become more sustainable, Uniting Church in the City (UCIC) has undertaken a number of projects to increase their environmental sustainability and reduce their ecological impact.

UCIC general manager, Neil Starkie, explained that in July 2015, the church adopted a strategic plan that included new direction on sustainability and design. Since adopting the plan, UCIC have engaged in three initiatives to address their sustainability.

One of these initiatives is the upcoming installation of a 65 cell solar array on the tallest building in the Wesley Quarter. The solar array has been made possible with the help of a small scale technology certificate rebate. The project is expected to reach completion by 31 December. The array will account for 5% of the energy for the largest building in the Quarter.

Another sustainability initiative undertaken by UCIC this year was begun by chance when problems with dampness in Uniting Church in the City, Wesley Perth prompted the church to dig beneath the buildings. Making good use of the circumstances, UCIC decided to install three 60 000 litre stormwater tanks, beginning a rainwater harvesting system. UCIC’s new rainwater  harvesting system will account for a significant portion of toilet flushes each year, saving thousands of litres of water.

UCIC are also embarking on an urban beekeeping project, with more information to come in the future.

Elaenor Nield

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