UnitingCare West announces next CEO

The Chairperson of the UnitingCare West Board, Peter Fitzpatrick, and the General Secretary of the Uniting Church WA, Rev David deKock, take great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Amanda Hunt as the next Chief Executive Officer of UnitingCare West (UCW).

Amanda Hunt comes to UnitingCare West from the position of State Manager, Mission Australia – WA and SA. Amanda will bring energy, enthusiasm and strong leadership and management to the position.  Amanda was selected from a strong field of candidates including candidates from other jurisdictions.

“Amanda is well known in the Western Australian community services sector and she has extensive experience in a range of services that are provided by UnitingCare West” Peter Fitzpatrick said.

Peter expressed the confidence of the UnitingCare West Board when he said “that our current CEO, Sue Ash and our next CEO, Amanda Hunt will manage the transition of the position efficiently and effectively.  Their shared commitment to UCWs commitment to work with individuals and communities so those most in need belong and thrive will provide continuity and stability as the organisation goes forward.”

“Amanda’s contribution will ensure the ongoing development of UCW and contribution of the organisation to the WA community and connection with the mission of the Uniting Church” said Rev David de Kock.

Amanda Hunt will start with UnitingCare West on 7 March and will take over the role of CEO when Sue Ash leaves on 4 April, 2017.

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