Editorial: Uniting Church on a mission

As Christmas approaches we often start thinking about how we can make it a great time of year for our families, friends and loved ones. It’s also a great time of year to remember what we can offer the world to help make it just that little bit better.

This edition, we have articles on various missional Christmas appeals that you can get involved with to show the people in your own lives, and those locally and around the world, that you care about them.

Other missional stories of the Uniting Church WA in this edition include GSI’s STEP program, and Uniting Adult Mission Fellowship’s stamp collecting team, which has raised a huge $8 000 in 18 months for Frontier Services Patrol Ministry in WA. An article on a recent gathering at Mogumber, a previous Indigenous mission site, shows the hope and healing that can come when stories are shared and respected.

Our feature article focuses on water. It was inspired by the World Council of Churches, who recently joined the Blue Communities Project, a community that fights the privatisation of water. Recent news of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, and the struggles of the First Peoples of North America, and their supporters, to protect their water have also dominated my social media pages. The support protesters have received from people around the world has been pretty encouraging, but footage of the treatment of many of the protestors has been really disturbing.

A feature article on water could have gone in so many directions, but we’ve kept it local for this edition, focusing on the importance of WA’s wetlands. Having lived close to wetlands for around the last ten years or so, I’ve definitely come to look at them in a different light after taking up this research. I’ve learned that they’re not just full of noisy frogs, pretty birds, annoying mosquitoes and creepy snakes, but they are pretty  much integral to our current way of life. The Uniting Church has always been ‘on a mission.’ Hopefully, this edition helps share some of those stories and inspires others to also share their own experiences.

Feel free to send us your stories and letters to revive@wa.uca.org.au or by post to Revive, Uniting Church Centre, GPO Box M952, Perth WA, 6843.

Heather Dowling

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