Messages from the aether: Opening up on mental health

I’ve Got Your Back
Anita Sanz’ blog is billed as ‘The blog for emotional upgrades’ which is a pretty clever subtitle, but also a pretty accurate reflection. Anita is a psychologist by profession and much of her blog is influenced directly by  her day-to-day interactions with clients and common mental health issues she sees in her work. This blog is great for understanding common mental health issues and for laying out great coping strategies.  Check out Cancer Cooties regarding responses to friends and family with cancer. Also worth reading is You are not a big bowl of candy. Or maybe you are! A great article on boundaries, what they are and why  they’re important.

I am living with anxiety
This is a blog about living with anxiety. The author, known only as ‘Doug’, writes about life and how his anxiety affects his daily experiences and how he doesn’t let his anxiety control how he lives. I am living with  anxiety is great for a few reasons: it’s super honest, and for someone who doesn’t know much about living with anxiety this blog gives an honest and accessible account of what it looks like; it’s relatable and a great  tool for remembering that as an anxiety sufferer you are not alone and your anxiety doesn’t rule you; it’s easy to read, Doug’s style is concise and each post is short enough to read while waiting for your take away  coffee or while you’re on your tea break.

Sane Australia
This isn’t really a blog, it’s a website for the Australian mental health charity, Sane Australia, but it is an incredible resource. Here you can find valuable articles for understanding mental illness, for getting a handle  on the different mental illnesses that occur and what they look like. You can also access forums full of people discussing mental health and seeking support for mental illness. Through the main website  there are resources for those who need assistance and avenues for people seeking professional help.

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