A Little Book about A Big Story, by Graeme Rutherford

a-little-book-about-a-big-storyGraeme Rutherford’s book is about the core of Christian faith. He builds around ‘story’: writing about creation, fall, Israel, the Messiah, the church, and the hope for creation.

Rutherford provides a centrist account. Some will be challenged – in a good way – by his fresh interpretations of Christian life. Progressive Christians would probably see it as too conservative. He has read widely and quotes judiciously.

Favourites are Ben Myers on Galatians 3:28 about all being one in Christ: “How big is your ‘all’? Is your ‘all’ perhaps too small?” (page 71) and Rowan Williams’ “The love of God … goes where God is not supposed  … where God is not imagined or conceived to be. God’s love is recognisable precisely as that love which goes where it has no business to go and which lives, blossoms and acts in the place of the curse, in the place   where God is forgotten” (page 83).

This would be a handy refresher about faith, though probably too complex for absolute newcomers. Questions for reflection and prayers after each chapter would make it easy to use for group study.

I found it a stimulating book to read.

Rev Dr Ian Tozer

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