Six ways to keep calm during exams

Exam time is upon us, and while the results aren’t the only way to achieve your dreams, it still puts a lot of pressure on those who are trying to achieve the best marks they can. Elaenor Nield offers some handy tips for staying calm during the exam season.

Make a list of priorities
Be realistic, because you may not get everything on the list done. If you know what you can afford to cross off, it won’t stress you out when you have to cut that item loose.

Learn to say ‘No’
We’ve all been in the situation where all our friends are heading out to a movie and burgers the night before an exam. Trust me, the movie and burgers will be nowhere near as good for your brain as a night of rest.  Don’t let FOMO* ruin your exam season.

Nothing keeps your brain sharp like the right amount of sleep. Research says anything less than six hours is damaging, but if you want to function at peak capacity you need to be getting a solid eight hours.

You don’t need to be at the gym smashing iron every day (but if that’s your jam, go for it), but getting out for a 30 minute walk will get oxygen into you and improve blood flow to your brain, keeping you sharp.

Trust me on this. You are going to want to be mainlining chocolate and caffeine like it’s going out of style, but what your body needs is low GI (glycaemic index) energy. A Banana has got a bunch of naturally   occurring sugar in it, but it’s low GI, so it releases energy slowly across the day. It will help you avoid that epic sugar crash you get an hour and a half after eating chocolate.

Don’t panic
Easier said than done, right? Give yourself the time to remember you’re human. Notice the world around you, it will help you keep your exam season in perspective.

*Fear of missing out

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