Welcome to the Perth Samoan Uniting Church

At the Annual Meeting of the Synod of Western Australia 2016, Synod was briefly suspend for a special Presbytery meeting, planned specifically to consider the proposal to officially recognise the Perth Samoan  Uniting Church as a new congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia. The proposal was agreed to unanimously.

Rev Bev Fabb and Rev Dr Ian Tozer spoke on behalf of the congregation, explaining that for a large portion of this year they had spent significant time with them, discussing the core values and policies of the   Uniting Church, while the Samoan group considered their position in seeking to become a recognised congregation.

Hanamoa Vaitogi is a member of the Perth Samoan Uniting Church.

“I couldn’t explain the feeling we got when we got recognised as a Uniting Church congregation,” she said.

The Samoan group began worshipping together on 23 September 2012, so their journey to becoming a recognised congregation has been eagerly awaited for a long time. The Perth Samoan Uniting Church worship  at Forrestfield Uniting Church.

Perth Samoan Uniting Church will be hosting the Uniting Church Samoan National Leaders Conference in October.

A Service of Recognition will be held on Friday 14 October from 7.30pm at Advent Park, Kalamunda. The evening will open the conference and celebrate Perth Samoan Uniting Church as the newest Uniting Church congregation in Western Australia. All are welcome.

For more info contact Hanamoa at wilsonvaitogi@gmail.com.

Elaenor Nield

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