Messages from the aether: Creating places of welcome

Multifaith Disability

The Multifaith Disability blog is a space of inclusion, it was created to facilitate conversations and the exchange of ideas, specifically to do with the intersection of disability and faith. Particularly useful are the posts about the wider community connections for people with disabilities and their families and the resources that are available. This is a resource driven blog, so if you are interested in finding ways to make welcoming spaces for people with disabilities, take a look.

Timor Seesaw

This blog is a chronicle of the Beckett family’s incredible journey to East Timor. Jeremy and Bethany and their family previously worshipped at the Lighthouse Church in Geraldton, they both work in medicine and desire to serve those with little. This blog is excellent as a quick read with coffee; it is updated frequently and tells the real-life experience of a family who have turned their lives upside down to serve others. There are fun stories and witty insights into a new culture long with the highs and lows of moving to a different country.

The Moderator’s Blog

This is the blog from the Uniting Church WA moderator, Rev Steve Francis. It is updated regularly and covers a range of topics. The most recent post ‘The cost of FIFO’ is a piece he wrote in response to his recent trip to the Pilbara in northern WA where he met with rural chaplain Rev John Dihm, who serves people working in the mining industry there. Steve saw firsthand the harshness of the isolation and the challenges faced by fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers in WA; this post is a heartfelt reflection on this industry. The blog is a great read, sometimes covering theology, philosophy, art, and the life of the Uniting Church WA.

Elaenor Nield

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