Mogumber revisited

It is a beautiful piece of our God’s creation.  The Moore River meandering by, tall timbers rising up from the valley floor; Indigenous trees and foreign plants make a bold statement.  This is Mogumber WA, land of the Yuet people – a people who have long cherished this place since.

Buildings, once alive with human endeavour, lie silent.  A testimony to non-Indigenous hopes, with many Indigenous and non-Indigenous dreams, shattered.  Amongst the foundations of wholeness and hope arising from the good news of Jesus, there remains a trail of loss and trial.

Earnest human beings (some voluntarily and many involuntarily) investing years of their lives, looking to share and relate in an enabling Christ-like way.  There are good stories; there is also much grief.

The Mogumber burial site is a sacred place.  Many lives being remembered and honoured.  The Yuet people join with Indigenous people from across Western Australia in being custodians of this site, on behalf of many families.

In 2016 we look forward to a casual beginning, of revisiting this special place called Mogumber.

You are invited by the Yuet people, to meet, yarn and explore.  Where necessary or profitable, we will  re-visit experiences of the past, but at all times we will sit and listen to the Yuet voice.  To hear the precious Indigenous voice expressing spiritual, cultural and personal truths about their future.

The gathering is planned for Saturday 15 October. We expect to be able to meet onsite at Mogumber.  There will be some formalities but the focus will be on yarning – listening and learning.  Anybody with an association or interest in Mogumber’s past and future direction is most welcome to attend.

A lunch will be provided, so we would expect to gather around about midday. If you are interested in attending it would be good to notify and leave your contact details with one of the following people for catering and final arrangements.

Bev Port-Louis, Yuet Elder, 0409 118 360 or

Rev Dennis Doust, Uniting Church WA Covenanting Commission, 0403 070 286 or

Dennis Doust

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