Theological curriculum for the 21st Century

For the last eight years a group at All Saints Floreat and Wembley Downs Uniting Churches have been using the Living the Questions curriculum for their theological education. The material of DVDs and study notes are produced by two American Methodist ministers, of which one (Rev David Felten) spent a year at Perth Theological Hall, Murdoch University. The curriculum is now in use in nearly 5000 churches across North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Our churches will be repeating the study again in 2017. Subject to copyright, studies available from Living the Questions which include the DVDs and study notes are being made available for loan at cost through the WA Progressive Network.

The WA Progressive Network has brought leading progressive theological scholars to Western Australia such as Dr Val Webb, Michael Morewood, Dr Greg Jenks, Prof Brandon Scott, Rev Dr Lorraine Parkinson, David Galston, Robin Meyers and locally Rev Prof Bill Loader and the Very Reverend John Shepherd.

Common Dreams is an alliance of organisations promoting discussion and study of progressive Christian thoughts.

This year, the 4th Common Dreams Conference, is being held in Brisbane in September with leading international and inter-state speakers Dr Diana Butler-Bass, Prof Pamela Eisenbaum and Dr Val Webb.

Richard Smith, Karen Sloan and Marie Yuncken

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