Your Yurora 2017

Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) is on again, from 8–12 January 2017 in North Parramatta, NSW. People aged 16–25 from all around Australia will gather to worship, learn, grow, share and build a community of passionate young people.

Learning from previous events, Yurora has become a four-day festival allowing young people to design their own experience.

Yuróra is a Dharug word meaning ‘passionate’ from the Burrumattagal peoples – the first people of the land in North Parramatta where NCYC will be held.

This time around, members of Yuróra’s co-ordination team were also of the same age as the delegates. This meant that young people were involved in every step of the planning process, ensuring that the program continues to remain relevant and interesting to those attending.

Yuróra 2017 is introducing a multicultural festival, which has become a highlight of the upcoming program, especially through the involvement of a wide variety of cultures – Tongan, Aboriginal, Chinese, Korean, and hopefully many more.

Some of the beautifully talented people from Yuróra 2014 will be making a return, as well as some amazing new talent.

Bec Swain from North Rocks Sydney, attended Yurora in 2014. She said it was a valued experience.

“Throughout Yuróra, I was immersed into a world of passionate youth and diversified, unified culture,” she said. “I loved getting to spend time exploring the precinct with fun people and partaking in some of the activities, such as the Indigenous dance workshop which was an incredible experience.”

There are a multitude of opportunities for volunteers to be involved within this amazing culturally unifying event. To find out more about Yuróra contact Janine McDonald on 9260 9800 or email

Check out the website at or find it on social media at, and

Bradon French

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