A place to be refreshed

On Friday 17 June, dozens of women carrying Bibles and notepads converged on Swanleigh Conference Centre for Women’s Weekend Away 2016, themed ‘Me and my God’.

The history of the Women’s Weekend Away spans more than half a century, beginning in 1965 as an initiative of South Perth Uniting Church. Over the decades, this event was a joint initiative between South Perth, the former Como and Manning congregations, at present a number of women from Swan View Uniting Church serve on the board.

Women from 17 congregations attended the Women’s Weekend Away, including Bindoon, Gingin, Trayning and Mukinbudin.

Organiser, Fiona Paice explained that the diversity of attending women is an essential element of the longevity of the event.

“It has always been very inclusive of different congregations, and even different denominations,” she said. “We are trying very hard to reach out to [regional] communities, because often those communities are very small and [it’s] mostly ladies who are keeping those little worship communities together. For them to get away and be nourished, rather than always having to be the ones who give, it’s really good.”

The weekend is inclusive by nature. It is intergenerational and since 2013 there has been an open invitation to the community. The aim of the event is to refresh and nurture women, to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and sharing.

“It’s always run by women, so people can really relate with one another. When they’re together over a weekend people can really connect,” said Fiona.

The Women’s Weekend Away is run annually, usually during the months of May or June, if you’d like information, please email Fiona at southperthwwa@gmail.com.

Elaenor Nield

Top image: Attendees at the Women’s Weekend Away.

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