Case studies show impact of Federal Government aged care funding cuts

Aged care residents in Australia will be hit hard by Federal Government funding cuts which threaten vulnerable and sick older people, Steve Teulan, chair of the UnitingCare Australia Aged Care Network, said.

Releasing new case studies showing the harsh impact of the cuts on people living in aged care facilities, Steve said aged care providers will struggle to meet the health care needs of vulnerable and sick older people.

“These cuts to the Aged Care Funding Instrument which the Federal Government is proposing would reduce funding by up to $18,000 per year for older people with the most complex health needs,” he said.

“Residents of aged care facilities with complex needs are amongst those who would be hardest hit by these harsh cuts.

“Under the proposed cuts, critical health needs such as wound and skin care, mobility needs, arthritis treatment and end of life care will be under direct threat.

“The cuts are at odds with the Government’s claim that it is ‘passionate about ensuring Australians don’t just live longer lives, but healthier ones too’.”

Steve said the case studies were typical of the complex health care needs of aged care residents.

“UnitingCare is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit aged care providers and we are proud of our great staff who work hard to care for vulnerable and sick older people,” Steve said. “As a provider of around 10% of all aged care beds nationally, UnitingCare Australia calls on Minister Sussan Ley and the Turnbull Government to halt these cuts.

“If the Federal Government is as concerned as it says about the health of older Australians, it needs to put these cuts on hold now, review the funding model and work with us to develop a better approach,” Steve Teulan said.

Click here for more information on this issue and to read detailed case studies.

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