Messages from the aether: equity for all

Living a Different Story

Rev Elenie Poulos is the national director of Uniting Justice Australia and her blog is an extension of her social justice ethos. Living a Different Story is informative and inspiring, and deeply conscientious. I suggest, particularly, reading ‘Inequality and the Power of Imagining a Different World’, it’s a post about the state of economic inequality in Australia and Elenie’s considerations about the Christian church’s responsibility to engage with the problem. This blog is worth keeping an eye on. It’s updated relatively regularly and always provides food for thought.

This is Complicated

Writer Fatima Measham’s focus for this blog is on social justice and the politics around it. This blog is super organised so readers can pick and choose the subjects that interest them. The main topics covered span a range from education to war. My bent is toward education and equality so I’ve particularly enjoyed Fatima’s comments on the state of childcare in Australia, to read these check out ‘Childcare: competence vs affordability?’ and ‘Motherhood, problematised’. This blog is compelling, relevant and regularly updated, I think it’s well worth adding to your regular reading list.

The Koori Woman

This blog gives a compelling first-hand insight into the day-to-day issues faced by an Aboriginal woman, a mother, in Australia. Kelly Briggs writes about the topics that are often skirted around in mainstream media. One such compelling post is ‘There are no murdered Aboriginal women’s funerals in the news’, it’s a frank and honest post about not just the statistics around domestic violence in Indigenous communities, but community responses and ways to improve services for Aboriginal women facing abuse. I highly recommend having a read through this blog, it’s enlightening and provides a much needed alternate viewpoint to Australian media.

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