Ration Challenge day 3: the feast

Last week I posted a plea on Facebook for sponsorship in the Ration Challenge, which started a few days ago. My brother and I are taking the challenge together, so throughout the week we’re meeting up to eat together and keep each other company.

For more info on why I’m taking the challenge click here.

At the time, my brother, Shane, had earned over $500 on his sponsorship page, which meant he was rewarded with 70g of protein. I was still slightly under.

Shane had decided to use his protein, plus some already earned veggies, to make a chicken soup as an extra treat part-way through the challenge. And because I’m his little sister, and because he loves me that much, he invited me round to his place to share it with him.

The challenge allows team members to support each other and pool their rations, as refugee families support each other in camps across the world. It’s so inspiring to hear stories of people with little who still do all they can to help out friends and strangers in need.  We recently posted an article on Revive from Karen McGrath which included a story from Fatima, a refugee in Jordan who volunteers her time distributing rations around the camp she lives in with her family. You can read about it here.

Sharing a meal with friends and family is such an important part of healthy community life. We do it so often, and yet we often take it for granted. I can’t help but wonder how refugees living in camps across the world are sharing this important time with each other?

In my Facebook post last week, I asked my friends to help me get over the $500 mark so that I could also contribute some chicken to Shane’s soup. And I know some amazing people, because they were quick to help out. Within about 15 minutes I had reached the target and earned my chicken, meaning we could both contribute to the treat.

So tonight Shane and I are having a feast!  We’ll be eating our regular rations plus some chicken soup. While it’s a small contribution, our little feast is meaningful to us. I’m pretty grateful to know that I have a brother who would go with less so that I could have some too.

Now, we’ve raised over $700 each, which means we’ve also earned some sugar which we’re going to use to make some biscuits that we can snack on for the rest of the week. But more importantly, we’ve raised enough money to feed four refugees for a whole year!

And together with Act for Peace, we hope we’ve played a small part in supporting refugee families around the world to also share a meal with those they love.

To sponsor me visit https://actforpeace.rationchallenge.org.au/fundraisers/heatherdowling.

To sponsor Shane visit https://actforpeace.rationchallenge.org.au/fundraiser/shanedowling.

And to keep up to date with my experience throughout the challenge visit https://revivemagazine.org.au/category/ration-challenge-2016/.

Heather Dowling

Top image: Heather and Shane eating their first meal in Act for Peace’s Ration Challenge.

Update: pictures from Heather and Shane’s Ration Challenge feast.

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