A discernment process for all

Every three years, the Uniting Church WA appoints a new moderator-elect who will take-up the position of Moderator, at the following annual meeting of the Synod of the Uniting Church WA, a year later.

The moderator-elect will be someone, lay or ordained, who is equipped to provide pastoral and visionary faith leadership to the Uniting Church WA when they take-up their moderatorial term in 2017.

The time has come for members of the Uniting Church WA to prayerfully consider who they might nominate to take on this role.

The Moderatorial Nominating Committee was appointed by the General Council of the Uniting Church WA earlier this year. Nominations are invited from a Presbytery region, a congregation, a Uniting Church board or council, or by two confirmed members of the Uniting Church. The person nominated will also need to discern and accept the nomination before proceedings can go ahead.

All nominations will be discerned by the Moderatorial Nominating Committee, who will bring forth any suitable names to the September Synod meeting.

Rev Ken Williams, past moderator and chair of the Moderatorial Nominating Committee, said that while not everyone will be involved in the decision making, this is a process which involves the whole church.

“This is a matter for prayer and discernment for every member of the church,” Ken said. “The first of two most common mistakes is for people to think this is for somebody up there; they will get it done. What we want, is all members of the church to submit this to prayer.

“The other mistake that can be made is for people who are approached and asked to consider. The matter for them is to prayerfully consider before God whether there could really be a call upon them. It is not for them to do the discernment that belongs to the church.

“Certainly all members are part of this process.”

Nominations close on Friday 24 June. For more information and to request a nomination pack, contact Maureen Bourke at maureen.bourke@wa.uca.org.au.

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