Messages from the aether: Taking a stand

En Passant: revolutionary reflections on this world of ours

En Passant is a political blog with a smidge of revolutionary flair; I should say self-declared socialist revolutionary flair. His post from 11 March likens the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island to Nazi concentration camps, quite unapologetically, I may add. Passant is a passionate writer on politics, society and culture and he is well worth the read. This blog is thought provoking, consistent and delightfully regular.

Mobilizing ideas

Mobilizing Ideas is a blog that “publishes interdisciplinary perspectives on social movements, social change, and the public sphere”, in their own words. It was founded in 2011, and has grown into a bizarre little phenomenon where you can learn, explore and learn more. More than a blog, this little machine makes available video series on loads of topics, so you don’t even have to read! Check out the recent Informing Activists series about equipping and preparing people to engage with activism.

Club Troppo: economic, legal, political and social commentary

Club Troppo is an oldie, but a goodie, as my mum would say. This blog has been around for ages; it’s a group blog with a whole host of great contributors from all over the place. The wonderful thing about group blogs is that they usually have an expert writer for all occasions, which makes them topical and up-to-date. Club Troppo is particularly great for politics and social comment. Take a look at Ken Parish’s post ‘Imagining a New Refugee Convention’, it’s an interesting read on the nature of the current refugee convention and how it affects refugees and their treatment by the nations who receive (or refuse to receive) them.

Elaenor Nield

One thought on “Messages from the aether: Taking a stand

  1. the Uniting church as the third largest Christian denomination in Australia has no right in advocating an extreme left wing blog site. If a far right blog has been advocated there would be outrage and the same should apply to extreme left wing sites. In future choose sites which argue their point of view closer to the middle. After all, how many people who attend uniting churches would support a site like this? Very few, start discussing these ideas within the main stream of political thought not extreme blogs to the left or right.

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