Out of The Ordinary: twelve Australian Methodist biographies, edited by Patricia Curthoys and William W Emilsen

Out of the OrdinaryThis wonderful book acknowledges the skill and dedication of some of the lesser known Methodist leaders whose contribution to the faith should be better known today. We benefit from their work. This book provides a message of hope and encouragement.

The twelve biographies, each expertly written, show cumulatively the wide range of Methodist impact on Australian society.

The editor’s note the twelve were engaged as missionaries, preachers, educationalists, administrators, ecumenists and social reformers.An example of this diverse work and the importance of making the most of each opportunity was Alice Mofflin (1878–1961). She is the sole West Australian in the book.

Rev Dr Alison Longworth shows how she was active in creating WA institutions for childcare, healthcare, women’s fellowship, and overseas missions. She was an example of how a female layperson could be a pioneer in many fields.

The book also says something about the prevailing open culture of the Methodist Church in that it gave scope to the participation of male and female, ordained and lay, white and black, all with different levels of formal education.

God provided the inspiration and the church provided the opportunity. They helped transform Australia.

Keith Suter


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