Ecumenical and Interfaith Awards nominations open

After winning the inaugural Uniting Church WA’s Ecumenical and Interfaith Award last year, the Pinjarra Community Kitchen were able to become completely independent by way of purchasing their own equipment.

The Pinjarra Community Kitchen provides meals, lunch packs and hygiene packs to people in need in the community.

The money received from the award enabled the Pinjarra Community Kitchen to buy items necessary to develop and become an independent body. So far, the $500 prize has been used to purchase new tables, knives, spoons, kettle, electric extension cords, fly nets to cover the salad, four large plastic boxes to store our equipment, small griddle to keep cooked food warm (enabling the barbecue to continue cooking raw food) a first aid kit, stainless steel soup pan to serve hot soup during winter and a rubbish bin.

The win gave the project an injection of life and a sense of independence as now they don’t need to borrow equipment. It has also given the four church groups involved, and St Vincent De Paul’s a sense of belonging to a wider community of Christ.

I would encourage any group involved in a new project to make a presentation for the 2016 Award. It involves little effort, whilst offering great and worthwhile rewards.

Nominations for the Ecumenical and Interfaith Award can be forwarded to Rev Ruth Vertigan at by 31 July 2016.

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