Growing in grace, vitality and mission

Rev David de Kock was inducted as general secretary of the Uniting Church WA on Friday 8 April at Applecross St Stephens Uniting Church.

The service was attended by representatives from all over the church both locally and nationally including congregations, schools and agencies. During the service, many of these people presented symbols, representing the diversity of the placement and those that David will have pastoral responsibility with. Symbols included a Bible, water, bread and wine, as well as a cup, books, wheat, a juniper plant and a mini Good Samaritan Industries donation bin.

Rev Steve Francis, moderator of the Uniting Church WA delivered the sermon, and talked about renewal in the church, encouraging those present to let go and to think creatively.

“If we are to see the renewal of the church, disciple making and the transformation of our society, there is a lot of letting go we need to do,” he said.

“When we focus on the incarnated, crucified, risen and exalted Christ, and our minds, hearts and lives are expanded, we grow in grace and the church grows in vitality and mission.

“David, sisters and brothers, never lose your focus on Christ. Run the race with perseverance.”

David responded, thanking everyone for attending, and shared some of his story.

David felt the call to ministry as a young adult, but postponed his call for 16 years. Having been ordained as a minister of the Word in the Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa, David worked in congregational ministry for 23 years before taking up the role of General Secretary. He came to Australia in 2009 with his wife, Margie, and served with the Eastern Wheatbelt Parish and Lighthouse Geraldton Uniting Church.

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