Tokyo Ballet in Gingin

Gingin was treated to a fantastic evening recently with the performance from the ABC Tokyo Ballet of ‘The Messiah’ on Tuesday 22 March at the Gingin Soundshell, sponsored by Gingin Uniting Church.

These world-class performers said that the Gingin Soundshell was the best venue they had ever performed at. Everyone was most enthusiastic, and it certainly lived up to expectations, with such a high class ballet and choreographed depiction of the reality of the struggle between good and evil in the world and individual lives. The final scene was one of hope in our current dark world. An afternoon performance at the school was also much enjoyed by the children.

Thank you to Kim Mouritz for the inspiration, to all who helped make it such a success, and to the sponsors: – Gingin Shire, Gingin Uniting Church and Gingin Anglican Church.

Marian Crew


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