Archives and records

The Uniting Church is responsible for preserving records so they are available for consultation in the future.

Uniting Church records should be maintained as part of general operating procedures.

Records that are no longer in use by congregations should be sent to the Synod Archives at: 91 Edward St Perth WA.

It is particularly important to preserve items such as Baptism registers, Marriage registers and Original Signed Minutes of all committees.

A document has been prepared as a guide to enable congregations to determine what and when each item is required to be submitted. To obtain a copy of the guidelines please email the Uniting Church WA Archives for a copy at or download the documents from the Uniting Church WA Website at

We are now only able to collect newsletters in an electronic format due to space restrictions.

It is suggested congregations keep their records in dry and secure surroundings to minimise loss and damage prior to being sent to the synod Archives. We are aware that that in some congregations records are kept in cupboards in the church and in private homes. In a number of cases records have been destroyed by inappropriate storage.

All material lodged with the Archives will be processed and deposited in the Private Archives at Battye Library and access to the will be available.

All Confidential and Restricted documents will need the authority of the Uniting Church Archivist to determine if they may be viewed by the applicant.

Sheena Hesse, Uniting Church WA archivist

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