Walks to inspire, challenge and equip

The Walk to Emmaus was originally established by the Upper Room in the United States and is sponsored in Australia by the Uniting Church. It is a lay ecumenical organisation, run with input by clergy members from various protestant denominations.

Its mission is to inspire, challenge and equip church members for Christian action in their own churches, homes, places of work and communities. An
Emmaus Walk is a three day retreat for 12 to 25 pilgrims. The Pilgrims are led and supported by team members of the Emmaus community who aim to provide a total caring experience both spiritually and physically, during their walk of faith.

The Emmaus experience does not finish at the conclusion of a pilgrim’s walk. Pilgrims are encouraged to attend monthly gatherings of the Emmaus Community, to join an Emmaus Reunion Group, as well as having the opportunity to serve as part of the team on future walks. It is through this service that community members grow spiritually and gain skills in a supportive Christian environment, which enhance their service in their own church community.

This year, the Perth Emmaus Community celebrates twenty years of service through the Walk to Emmaus.

Rev Narelle Collas, minister at Carramar Uniting Church, said she has

witnessed, “everyday Christians and clergy renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated in their faith journey by their involvement in the Walk to

An Emmaus Walk will be held at Camp Wattle Grove this May, and at Kobeelya in Katanning this September. The walks are 72 hours from Thursday evening to late Sunday afternoon.

To find out more visit www.perth.emmaus.org.au.

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