Website encourages responsible giving

Good Samaritan Industries have joined up with other local caring agencies to create a new website informing people on how to donate second hand goods responsibly.

Each year, $312 000 is spent on cleaning up dumped items around op shop donation bins. This is money that could be used by the affected not-for-profit agencies in a range of ways benefiting the community. When resalable items are left outside of a donation bin, they are often vandalised and no longer suitable for sale, meaning items often end up in landfill.

As well as Good Samaritan Industries, agencies involved include Anglicare WA, Salvos Stores, Spine and Limb Foundation and St Vincent de Paul Society.

The website includes information on where you can donate, including a handy map of donation bin locations, and what to – and what not to – donate.

Find out more at

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