Messages from the aether: Hearing God’s call

We are the sheep called to be good shepherds

Katherine Greiner reflects on the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, and its importance to her and her faith. She talks about how this image of Jesus can inform our lives as Christians, caring for the world as the shepherd cares for the sheep.

Lead gently, Lord, and slow

In this sermon, Episcopal minister Rev Lindsay Hardin Freeman talks about finding God, and being found by God. She reflects on the stories of Samuel and Nathaniel, and how they answered the call of God, and what they can teach us about listening for, and responding to, God’s call.

Power to the powerless

A powerful sermon from Captain Ben Clapton, where he talks about his involvement in a Love Makes A Way action and Jesus’ call to fight for the oppressed and powerless, which led to him being arrested whilst protesting to free refugee children out of detention.

Answering God’s call to Malawi’s_Call_to_Malawi/

In this article, Steven Uhde recounts his story about how he came to work for New Life International, spurred on by a desire to find a way to bring water purification to Aaron Village in Malawi. Answering God’s call to work in Malawi has brought his life many blessings.

Laura Clapton


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