MYEFO: Human services funding must focus first on those most vulnerable

UnitingCare Australia has reported that the Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook has adjusted spending in essential human services, particularly aged care.

“UnitingCare Australia supports the reduction of childcare subsidies for high income families. Our focus is to ensure that vulnerable and low income parents are provided with adequate support and access to quality childcare; as the results of regular access to early learning and education are well documented,” said Lin Hatfield Dodds, National Director of UnitingCare Australia.

“Social and aged care services require adequate funding to meet the needs of those who rely on them. Sustainable public funding is critical, as are increased private contributions from those with the capacity to do so.

“The social services system is marred by complexity and inefficiency. In the case of aged care, Government acts as both funder and regulator and as such has the ultimate responsibility to get it right. Older Australians in need of care and support are some of our most vulnerable citizens. Their access to quality care and services must be protected.

“On average, Australians live for 25 years post retirement – which is something to be celebrated. While the cost of supporting an ageing population will increase, so do the opportunities for all Australians to live well in retirement, if we get our basic system settings right.

“The social and aged care services workforce needs to grow considerably. Our providers are innovative and flexible and continue to provide quality care in every part of the country, including remote and indigenous communities. UnitingCare Australia is pleased that programs addressing indigenous and dementia specific workforce initiatives have been quarantined from cuts.”

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