West Timor students welcomed

A Women’s Welcome Breakfast for three students from West Timor was held at Nedlands Uniting Church on Saturday 4 July. In 2012, some members of the congregation visited West Timor and have since supported students at The Christian University in West Timor, Indonesia, through scholarships. Three students from the university were invited to spend some time in Perth for an English language immersion.

The students lived among host families and spent time each weekday in English classes, which will help them further their studies and share what they’ve learnt with others back home.

Whilst in Perth, they have explored the city as well as taken part in a range of church activities such as Kids’ Club, Bible studies, lunchtime Christian activity at the local school and the Young Adults’ Group studies and outings.

Sherly Nesimnasi, one of the visiting students from West Timor, said that the skills she has learnt in the program will be beneficial back home.

“English is very important,” she said. “In West Timor children need education about English and the knowledge that I get here I will share in my town. Education is very important.”

Debryana Salean expressed gratitude to the many people of Nedlands Uniting Church who have helped her with her education goal, of learning English so that she can continue her studies in Australia.

“I really want to say thank you to Nedlands Uniting Church to make this opportunity for us and I really thank the people who helped us every day,” she said.

Image: Debryana Salean, Sherly Nesimnasi and Yuliana Benu performing a Christian song at Nedlands Uniting Church’s Womens’ Welcome Breakfast.

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