Roses in the rain

The rain didn’t stop rose enthusiasts turning out to Scarborough Uniting Church for their annual Rose Pruning Demonstration, held by the Rose Society of WA. On Saturday 4 July, members from the local community gathered to watch, listen and try for themselves to learn how to get the most out of their rose bushes.

The event has been running for about five years, with a delicious spread of scones with jam and cream available free to the rose enthusiasts. July is a busy month for the Rose Society, as it is the best time to prune roses as they go dormant over winter.

“In Western Australia [roses] don’t go completely dormant like they do in colder places, but July is the coolest month,” said Robyn Cooper, member of the Rose Society WA.

Chris Blount, member of Scarborough Uniting Church said that the event has been a great way for the church to reach out to the community.

“It’s a bit of community spirit,” Chris said. “It’s a bit of community outreach really on the basis that people are more likely to turn up at something like this rather than church.”

The Rose Society of WA have recently released a publication, The Rose Garden, which is specifically about the care and cultivation of roses in a Western Australian climate. Copies are available from the Rose Society for $5 each. For more information on the Rose Society of WA call 9472 1591 or visit

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