From the Archives: World War I chaplains

Throughout 2015, to mark the centenary year of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, Revive will be publishing a series of articles highlighting the men who provided chaplaincy to those who served  in WWI.

Rev Eric Hans Orton Nye was born on the 18 May 1896 in Victoria. In 1915, Rev Nye and his wife moved to Narrogin Methodist Church. On 16 July 1916, he enlisted in the Australian Army as a  chaplain and sailed to the United Kingdom and France on the HMAT Miltiades A28 on the 9 August 1916. He saw service in France on the Somme until his return to Australia on 13 March  1918.

On the night of the 16–17 of October 1917, he was responsible for the rescue of RMO Major NJ Bullen and was awarded the Military Cross. On his return to Western Australia, Eric continued his  ministry in Bridgetown, Claremont, West Perth and Fremantle. In 1937, he returned to Victoria and continued in ministry until 1954.

Rev Eric Hans Orton Nye died on 9 January 1968.

Sheena Hesse

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