Albany delivers Bibles to its people

One hundred years ago, thousands of young Australians fought for change on the foreign battlefields of Gallipoli with many ultimately losing their lives. In the same way the ANZACs dedicated and committed themselves to bring ‘change’ to people of these foreign lands, churches across the Great Southern came together in April to mirror that commitment in Bible  distribution and evangelism. Through this unity and mobilisation hundreds of lives were ‘changed’.

Collectively the churches in Albany, including the Uniting Church, Youth with a Mission (YWAM), the Catholic Church, Brethren Church, Lighthouse Church, Free Reform Church, Living  Waters Church, Churches of Christ, Bridge Fellowship and St John’s Church visited 11,519 homes and distributed 1,750 Bibles. This meant 15 per cent of homes received a new bible, bringing  the total of 24 per cent of Albany now having a Bible in their home.

Local co-ordinator Pamela Hardey said the project started as a way to commemorate the ANZAC milestone.

“Every solider was given a Bible before going to war,” Pamela said. “The Uniting Church helped through fundraising and purchase of the Bibles. We also had distributors from the church walk  through McKail and Lockyer.”

For more information about the project visit

Top image: Members of Albany Uniting Church take a break from delivering Bibles in their local area.

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