WA Ecumenical and Inter-faith Award

The Uniting Church in WA Ecumenical and Inter-faith Award will recognise an ecumenical or inter-faith project which has been initiated by a local Uniting Church member, congregation, faith community, school or agency. The award will be presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Synod and Presbytery, in September this year, with the winning entrant receiving $500 towards  their project.

Dorothy Carey, convener of the Ecumenical Affairs Committee, said that the award will acknowledge and encourage people or groups who are thinking wider than their own circles.

“It’s trying to get people to think outside their local church, and thinking about the wider religious community,” she said. “The only way you can actually get to appreciate and love other people  is to get to know them. You only get to know them by doing something with them, working beside them.”

Nominations are to be received by the Ecumenical Affairs Committee by 31 July; send a 500-word description of the initiative or project to Dorothy Carey at dcarey@westnet.com.au.

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