Seed: Christians creating solutions to society’s big problems

A new organisation that helps Christians understand God’s purposes for the world and then be agents for social change was launched publicly in Sydney this weekend.

The new organisation, called Seed, was launched in response to many Christians feeling there was a disconnect between what they do each day and their faith. Many have the sense that their faith should make a difference in the world, but a current experience that falls short of that expectation.

Former national director of Micah Challenge, John Beckett, is the Founder and CEO of Seed. John said that “through Seed we want to help people imagine the world as God intends it to be, then find ways to bring that imagination to life. We believe that when Christians align what they do with who God has made them to be, faith comes alive.”

Bay Warburton, chief of staff to NSW Premier Mike Baird, was the guest speaker at Seed’s launch. Bay encouraged guests to see all of life as part of God’s purposes.

“In my role as Chief of Staff I believe that I am serving God as I seek the best possible outcomes for the people of our state.

“I believe that what Seed is doing is vitally important. Christians, working alongside others, should be at the forefront of finding solutions to today’s most pressing problems,” Bay said.

Ranjit Voola, director of the Poverty Alleviation and Profitability research group at the University of Sydney Business School, and a guest at the launch, said “Seed is meeting a real need. Christians working across industry sectors now have a place where we can come together to understand God’s purposes for our lives and for the world, then get support to turn our understanding into action.”

Seed’s approach to influencing culture is to create culture.

John Beckett said “we don’t condemn culture, critique culture or even seek to transform culture. Rather, we try to create culture that demonstrates what a world more aligned with God’s purpose might look like.”

Seed will consult to faith based organisations, helping them design and create effective public engagement strategies and social change campaigns. Seed will also be scouring the Australian landscape for ideas that have the potential for great change, looking to invest in those ideas and help make them scalable and sustainable.

“We’re looking for people who believe their faith should make a difference in the world,’ said John. “We believe that when people see our faith embodied in the way we live, we bear witness to Jesus and God is glorified.”

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