Messages from the aether: faith for everyday

Ten things I wish everyone knew about believing in God

Faith and the working out of one’s faith are personal. That means there is no formula or cut and dry method that one can use to believe or understand another’s beliefs. Often, as the article tells  us, it actually requires our creative imagination for it to have personal impact. I hope this article will have you nodding the way it did me.

Are you living by faith? And why that’s important

Living by faith means that we place all our reliance on God for our wellbeing and success in life. Living by faith also acknowledges that we do not receive things by merit or achieve things by our  own abilities or motivation, but that everything is received on the basis of mercy this enables us to achieve all that we need to.

Faith on Pinterest

Personally, I love Pinterest! It’s like a picture based Google with pictorial results on almost everything. Owing to this edition’s topic, here is a colourful yet reflective board on Pinterest simply  titled ‘Faith’. Another wonderful thing is clicking on all the pictures takes you on an endless journey of more pictures; it’s the perfect place to get lost on the web.

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