The Unkingdom of God, by Mark Van Steenwyk

The Unkingdom of God for webIf you are interested in an easily accessible entry into some of the ideas and practices behind the concept of Christian anarchism then The Unkingdom of God may be just what you are looking  for. Van Steenwyk writes with a light and honest style providing numerous anecdotes from his attempts at living out his convictions. Van Steenwyk also draws on numerous authors who have thought through the political implications of Jesus’ life and teaching for the church in society. From John Howard Yoder, Ched Myers, Walter Wink and NT Wright to Jacques Ellul and Paulo  Friere, there is many a wise mind to which the reader is directed.

If, however, you are interested in a more rigorous engagement with the intersection between Christianity and anarchism perhaps reading some of those other authors (among others) would be a  better place to start. While there is much to like about Van Steenwyk’s ethics and balance of perspectives, it is pitched at the firsttime reader of the concepts. Furthermore, the shaping force  behind Van Steenwyk’s approach seems heavily influenced by his childhood and early adult experience of the particular phenomenon that is conservative American evangelicalism, which is not always so easy to relate to from an Australian perspective.

Geoff Bice

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