Emergency Hospitality – WA’s best kept secret

One of the best kept secrets of the Uniting Church in Australia is the Emergency Hospitality Project, a program of the WA Uniting Church Adult Fellowship. It started to help country folk  coming to the city, faced with fully-booked hotels and huge costs. Willing city hosts provide a bed and breakfast. As ‘kids from the bush’ living close to major hospitals and with good public  transport close by, we appreciated this chance to give a helping hand and it has been a gratifying experience.

We have met a wide range of country folk and enjoyed their company greatly. So much so, that we decided to set-up our studio as a granny flat with bathroom and kitchenette, to provide a  choice of company or complete privacy. This program is for anyone with an appointment in Perth needing a clean, comfortable bed at a reasonable cost in one of the world’s most expensive  cities – not just for medical emergencies.

Disappointingly, this service has not been used as much as expected. For more information call 0447 910 007 or email emergencyhospitality@wa.uca.org.au.

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