Perth vigil for compassion and mercy


A prayer vigil for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran was held last night, Tuesday 28 April, in the hours leading up to their execution in Indonesia this morning.

Held at Uniting Church in the City (UCIC), Wesley Perth, members of the community came together to pray and express their compassion and sadness at the situation.

Eight candles were lit at the vigil: one for each of the Australian men; one for the other six people being executed and their families; one for society; for the feeling of powerlessness; for those present at the vigil; for those in high places of leadership; and for those who lack compassion.

People present were then invited to light a candle and say a prayer themselves.m_IMG_0245

Rev Craig Collas, minister at UCIC, said that he believed the church is called to stand for mercy and compassion in this issue.

“We as a church need to be saying this is important stuff, because [compassion] is what makes society a better place to live.

“We shape ourselves through compassion.

“We’re not called to be judging people. We’re called to be people of hope.

“The important thing about compassion is it really makes our families, our society, our future. Without compassion the human being is really an ugly creature.”

One thought on “Perth vigil for compassion and mercy

  1. I do not agree that two convicted couriers should have been shown mercy. Had they succeeded in importing Drugs , their actions would have made obtainable on the market enough drugs to cause addicts die excruciating, slow death, suffered in loneliness and abandonment. These two criminals were purveyors of death and committed a mortal(unforgiveable) sin. The vigils held reflect a misplacement of emotion. It is the addicted who need our prayers, not evil couriers- Lex Barker, Rockingham Uniting Church.

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