KCO: The journey

This year’s Kids’ Camp Out (KCO) was all about the ‘Journey’. Held over the weekend of 14–15 March at Advent Park in Maida Vale, even the rain couldn’t stop these campers, junior leaders  and camp leaders enjoying food, friendship, craft, games, storytelling, music and dancing; all while reflecting on their journey with God.

KCO Collage web

Campers at KCO made a range of crafts while reflecting on the theme of ‘Journey.’ Here’s how to recreate this boat at home. Thanks to Billabong Uniting Church for bringing along this great  craft activity.

You will need:

  • Plasticine
  • Coloured paper
  • A plastic drinking straw
  • Sticky tape
  • Items to decorate with such as textas, pencils, glitter, stamps and stickers.

To make:

  • Mould the plasticine into the shape of a boat. Get as creative as you want.
  • Cut a large triangle shape out of the coloured paper and decorate this any way you want.
  • Use the sticky tape to stick the paper to the end of the straw, then push the other end of the straw into the plasticine.

Now see if your boat floats!

Top image: Darren, from GKI Perth Uniting Church (Indonesian), shows off his boat, made at KCO.

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