Developing assets for a brighter future

Training for the 40 Developmental Assets in a congregational setting will once again be taking place in Perth. The First Third team present this valuable training, which will help people  understand the qualities that young people need to grow into caring, responsible and productive adults. Researched by the Search Institute and released in 1990, the 40 Developmental Assets  is changing the way people work with and relate to young people around the globe. This research is regularly being extended and deepened to stay trustworthy and current.

The assets outline a range of qualities that will help young people as they develop, such as support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, time management, commitment, positive  values, social competencies and positive identity. Leading the training will be Rick Morrell, First Third Ministry co-ordinator of the Uniting Church WA and Rick Pekan, young adult and small  group coordinator at Nedlands Uniting Church. Both are experienced leaders and  trainers in the ‘Asset’ approach.

Rick Morrell believes that the training will be immediately accessible by those who are present.

“It’ll be a combination of presentations, reflections, hints and tips about communicating with young people in family, community and congregational settings,” Rick said. “It will have some good, easy to use resources and up-todate research findings and some easy to apply techniques. The resources will be immediately applicable for all participants.

“Anybody can build assets, therefore the sooner people know what they are, the easier they are to employ.”

The 40 Developmental Assets were originally designed around congregational life and are now used as a helpful tool within the wider community.

“Ministry is basically relational and these assets are built around enhancing individual relationships and a relational community of which church is built around,” Rick said. “It makes sense that  we interpret and reinterpret these assets to our best effect.”

The 40 Developmental Assets congregational training will be held on Saturday 2 March, 9.30am–4.30pm, at Nedlands Uniting Church. For more info contact the First Third Team on  9260 9800 or email Janine at

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