Suter set to visit Perth

Keith Suiter speakingIn December last year, Revive published an article using Dr Keith Suter’s research looking to the future of the Uniting Church, which stirred a lot of discussion. Uniting Church members will  have an opportunity to further that discussion in May, when Keith leads two events in Perth on the theme of ‘Choose your future wisely.’

On Thursday 7 May Keith will speak at an evening function followed by a Q and A session. It is open to anyone associated with the Uniting Church WA and will be an important discussion on the  scenario  planning technique as applied to the Uniting Church in Australia. During the morning on Friday 8 May, Keith will lead a workshop for members of commissions and committees of  the Uniting Church WA.

Rev David Kriel, strategy and mission planner at the Uniting Church WA, said that as this is Keith’s area of expertise, the events will be a stimulating discussion for everyone who is passionate  about the Uniting Church and its future.

“We want people to think about what’s the future for the church and to find the balance between reality and faith,” David said. “We live in a very fast changing world and we need to anticipate  that change.”

It will be held on Thursday 7 May, 7.30pm, at All Saints Floreat Uniting Church. To find out more contact Rev David Kriel on 9260 9800 or

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