Messages from the aether: Reflect

Four teachings of Jesus that his followers (almost) never take seriously

As the title suggests, Brandon Robertson writes about the teachings of Jesus that he feels many Christians let go by the  wayside. After taking some time to reflect and read the Gospels of the New Testament, Brandon says that he discovered a  whole heap of material that he didn’t know existed, despite not being new to the faith. This is an interesting reflection on taking  Christianity seriously.

Smiling Mind: Meditation made easy

The Smiling Mind website and app provides meditation programs for individuals and groups, including children and adults  alike. This is a free program which can be tailored to your needs through the interactive site which has been created by a team  of psychologists and partnered by organisations such as and a host of others. This is a great tool to help you take some time out each day for mindfulness.

Henri Nouwen Society

The Henri Nouwen Society is devoted to the spirituality of Henri Nouwen, an internationally renowned Catholic priest who published over 40 books on spirituality before his death in 1996. Through the website you can sign up for daily prayerful  reflections based on Henri’s writings, including weekly reflections during Advent and Lent.

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