Life Abounding: A reading of John’s Gospel, by Brendan Byrne

Brendan Byrne completes his excellent Gospel commentaries with Life Abounding on John. He believes John proclaims a  gospel that will lead readers from mere existence to abundant life, enabling the development of a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. I find it a joy to read Byrne’s clear and uncluttered style and profound insights simply expressed.

While a commentary, Byrne’s pastoral aim means he does not enter into every academic discussion, preferring to seek  theological and spiritual riches in the text. It is both full of depth and accessible. A Melbourne Jesuit, Byrne’s decades-long experience as a New Testament teacher and researcher in the United Faculty of Theology in Melbourne is evident.

Life Abounding is a valuable introduction to John’s gospel or refresher for those familiar with John. Readers seeking scholarly  insights will also find useful pointers for further study in the footnotes. Byrne’s profound understandings and easy-to-read style  makes this very accessible to all who are seeking a substantial, though not overwhelming, book on John.

It contains many “preach-able” insights and great value for Bible students and leaders of groups. If Lay Preachers own one  book on each gospel, Byrne’s would be an excellent set to choose.

Ian Tozer

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